Life is not taking place in front of a computer screen, at least not for me! I want to be out there in the world, in contact with people and nature. When walking, I do neither use satellite communication nor do I bring a laptop on my journeys. If you write an E-Mail it could, therefore, take quite a while until I answer.

When I am back from the wild I also do not really want to spend several days in internet cafes; so I am unable to answer all the incoming mails but I will try my best to give you a reply! I appreciate your message, but I much more prefer to meet up in personal, look into each others eyes and have a good talk. Thus, you can find possible meetings points on the website "meetings" and otherwise we can leave it to coincidence that our paths shall cross. Still, thanks a lot for your interest in our work and hike and see you out there; see you everywhere! Cheers, Gregor

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