Walking together

Journey to the sea...

Itinerary: The Salinera Bioenergetic Resort, by the sea, in Piran Slowenia is our starting point where we always retun to

When: 11.04.2012 - 15.04.2012
Costs: 390 Euro
Registration via: www.sunlife.at

Further information: Together with Franz Schirnhofer (www.almandin-edlesteine.at), a traditional healer, I am organizing a trip to Slowenia. We are staying at a nice eco hotel by the beach and there will be a lot of time for short walks by the sea side and into the vineyards. For more information and booking call: 0043-3385-21045 or go to the website of Sunlife travels
Walking Safari in the Waldviertel

Itinerary: Hiking for five days across the magic Waldviertel in Lower Austria

When: 18.04.2012 - 22.04.2012
Costs: 280 Euro
Registration via: www.gea.at/akademie/

Further information: More information at GEA Akademie in Schrems. Tel.: +43/(0)2853/76 503-60 or in the Internet. We stay overnight in organic farms, hotels and youth hostels and the price includes overnight stays, breakfasts and dinners. FULLY BOOKED
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