Our Aim

Time frame of the tour: 2003 2012

When there was the World Summit of Environment in Johannesburg in September 2002, I was just climbing a high mountain in thr Austrian Alps. Together with my hiking companions Mike and Kim from South Africa we followed the outcome of the Earth Summit, but the decision makers seemed not to care about the ecological balance of our planet. There was simply spoken no outcome. So we wondered what each of us could do, to make the change happen. On the summit of Mount Dachstein I made a decision. I wanted to walk thousands of kilometres around the world to visit environmental initiatives that show how a sustainable lifestyle was possible. I ran a campaig to promote the ecological footprint and eventually walked for three years around half of our planet.

Returning home I realized that a sustaiable lifestyle was possible, everywhere and at all the time; we did not have to wait for now technical fixes. It meant much more that we had to decide, that each of us was standing at a crossroads deciding for a sustainable life of for the destruction of our planet Earth. Out of this conclusion evolved an idea for a new walk. This time I wanted to walk without a fixed destination, wanted to decide at each crossroads which path to take and get to the bottom of an essential question: How can we bridge the gap between knowing and doing?

Hiking with all senses through the magic of nature
Encounters with people and innovative ideas
Openness for inspiration
Simple life and living simply
Conscious rediscovery of time and cycles
Departure and homecoming
Zurück zum Anfang